David Serota

David Serota is a documentary director that specializes in telling real stories about real people. He's produced compelling content for the world's biggest brands in some of the world's toughest environments including Northern Thailand, Congo, Haiti, and 270 Park in New York City. "We trust stories to depict our relationships and express how we feel about them. Think about it. The excitement you've felt when a book or film so fully represented something about the human experience that you had to share it. As if someone turned on every light and rolled down all the windows because an idea you'd identified with had been communicated more clearly than ever before. From Huck Finn to Kid President, it always feels like fireworks." When you commit an event to memory it's rarely a wide shot; instead, it's the personal and often unusual details that your minds eye remembers. That is why all of his work shares certain aesthetic elements; naturalistic movements that make the cutting more seamless, vintage lenses on high-end digital cameras, 'dirty frames,' and focus pulls, shot in a camera vérité style, that is all woven together into a well-crafted vignette. Serota received a BA in Philosophy at Elmira College and an MA in Directing and Theatrical Production from Los Angeles Film School. His stories have garnered numerous awards including best screenplay at the 48-hour film festival and best short form documentary at SXSW. David has been a contributor to the Huffington Post and is also a board member for several non-profits, underscoring his involvement and passion for the human experience. His strength lies in finding the universal appeal - and the heart - in the world he observes. As he's said, "I have a pair of flip flops I cannot throw away because I'm pretty sure they have feelings." His portfolio includes spots for First National Bank, UPS, American Express, Levi's, Participant Media, Ning, International Medical Corps, Nature Conservancy, JP Morgan Chase, Starbucks, and Patagonia.