Terry Rietta

Terry Rietta, a former award-winning creative director, left the agency side and launched his directing career with the AICP honored "First Look" for the Mill Valley Film Festival. His marriage of rich visual storytelling, cinematic style and character driven comedy are the cornerstones of an eclectic and original reel. His reputation for being an excellent problem solver rarely comes into play since his productions are remarkably problem-free. Shooting days are full of rainbows, unicorns and exceptional catering. Terry is part of the new breed of director who combines creative vision with ad agency conceptual chops and marketing savvy. He is a prolific writer who is frequently called upon to create or collaborate on new media and branded entertainment projects. He was the writer/director on the anyfilms.net series of branded entertainment short films for Samsung and a writer of two Amazon Theater short films produced for Amazon.com. ("Agent Orange" directed by Tony Scott and "The Tooth Fairy" directed by Jake Scott.) He was also a writer on the Ritz Carlton films project that used the hotels' "In-Room Video" service as the client's distribution channel. Very clever monkeys, those hoteliers. Terry has directed spots for clients such as Starbucks, Snickers, Subway, Walmart, American Express, Emerald Nuts, Cartoon Network, Foster Farms, Charter Communications, KIA motors and ESPN, as well as pro-bono work for PETA, One.org (Save Darfur) and anti-smoking work for the Washington Department of Public Health. Terry can be a boring dinner party guest unless the conversation revolves around film or football and then he is insightful, knowledgeable and ridiculously charming. He likes vodka and tequila, but not together. He is a ringer for many softball teams and his aliases are too numerous to mention. Years ago, Terry married a nice girl and fathered two lovely children and three mostly non-violent revolutions. A government issued order prevents him from talking about any of these matters publicly... As a director and agency art director/creative director his work has been honored by: AICP, Communication Arts, Cannes, the One Show and D&AD.